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Nurture your emotional needs


Areas I provide support in:

Abuse: sexual - physical and emotional 

Abortion - Anxiety - Affairs - Anger management Bereavement - Betrayal - Bullying - Depression  Disabilities - Divorce - Domestic Abuse 

  Carer support - Emotional understanding

 Family/Relationship issues - Illness - Low self esteem - Low self confidence 

Loss -  Miscarriage - OCD - Panic attacks

Pregnancy and birth - Redundancy

Suicidal thoughts - Self harm

Stress: variety of causes

Separation - Sexuality - Trauma

Mindfulness & Visualisation

Are you someone who at times finds it difficult to relax and wind down? 


Do you find it challenging to communicate and express yourself?


The practice of mindfulness and/or guided visualisation could be a way to begin to tap into your feelings and emotions in a non-intrusive way. And could, if needed and appropriate for you, lead to a more traditional counselling session.

My Services

Every relationship is different and sometimes need a little help.

If you are unable to communicate in a way that is helpful then maybe couples therapy could be of benefit.

Whilst some view couples therapy as a last resort it would be advisable to seek therapy before the relationship gets that bad.

Many couples use therapy as a way to keep the relationship healthy and keep on top of any issues that arise before they turn into something more sinister.

Object work


Feeling frustrated? Not sure what the issue is or maybe where to start…


Working with objects can help you to ‘talk’ to me if you are having a difficult time expressing yourself.


I offer this as an alternative way of breaking down the barriers you may have by using visual aids such as buttons, shells or other objects that may evoke a memory or feeling.


This can be especially useful if we are dealing with anger, guilt, abuse, loss, 

anxiety, depression and low self-esteem, as well as many other issues.

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