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Bernadette Kavanagh

I have found counselling to be the most amazing path of self-discovery, as a client and practitioner. Both sides of this dynamic have been transformational.


To be in a room with a professional who was there just for me, to listen without judgement or preconceived ideas, was life-changing.


I was helped to recognise where I had become stuck in negative thought cycles; cycles that were limiting my self-development, affecting my confidence, and getting in the way of my goals and happiness.


Being the client, feeling how much I changed and how improved my life became, made me want to be this person for others. Training as a counsellor would allow me to be in a position to help other people make fundamental changes which could lead to a happier, more fulfilled life.

After training, and having the honour of listening to others willing to share their stories, I often check in and ask myself: Who am I? The answer (I hope) is simple. I feel I know myself pretty well, my hopes, fears, goals and limitations. 


I have things I am good at: cooking, baking, dancing and being a good friend. And things I am not so good at: singing, hanging wallpaper and being brave when big spiders come into my home. And also, I may indulge in a little too much chocolate on occasion…

I also work alongside other talented therapists at and if I am unable to offer a session I can refer to a colleague.  

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