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Bernadette Kavanagh
Integrative Counsellor



Hello and welcome to my page. Thank you for taking the time to visit. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

I am a trained Integrative Counsellor, offering Gestalt, person-centred and cognitive behavioural therapies. I also offer mindfulness, visualisation and object work.

An ‘integrative approach’ means being able to tailor sessions to the needs of each client. One size does not fit all. 

I have also spent many years volunteering, then working at a domestic abuse centre.

I can offer therapy face-to-face or by telephone. My preference would be to meet face-to-face as I feel this is most beneficial to you, the client.

I work from a choice of locations in the heart of Exeter. 

  • PAC Exeter, 3 Barnfield Crescent EX1 1QT 

  • 1 Alba Court, Emperor way, Exeter EX1 3QS

These are both is easily accessible by bus, train or car, with local parking.

Taking the first step in asking for help can require a great deal of courage. 


I can offer you a safe place to talk about your thoughts, feelings and fears; aiming to help you find comfort and an overall sense of emotional wellbeing and general happiness. 


We will work together to find alternative ways to view your situation in a warm, non-judgemental and compassionate environment.

For a trusting relationship to grow between us, confidentiality is key.


I will keep some brief notes on our sessions, which you can request to see under the data protection act.


You should know that there are a small number of situations where I would be obligated to break this confidentiality. However, I will discuss these with you during our first session.


I hold an enhanced DBS disclosure certificate and all my work is supervised and insured.


Mindfulness brings calmness and clarity

In a world where we’re juggling so much, it can often feel like something’s going to give. 


Work, family, friends, relationships, fitness, keeping up with the Joneses… there can be so many things to think about, it’s no surprise it can be overwhelming. 


Mindfulness is a practice that could help you to find calm and clarity amid, what can be, the chaos and drama of everyday life.


It’s important to know that mindfulness is not about ‘banishing’ thoughts. Instead, we will explore how to stay ‘in the present’ while accepting the natural ebb and flow of our thoughts without judgment or reaction. 


This will allow us to discover and work on emotions you may not currently recognise, understand or be aware of.


The techniques I share with you in our sessions can be practised at home. In fact, this is encouraged. With regular practice, mindfulness could become a valuable tool, helping you to gain and maintain a sense of calm and control. 

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